Research confirms cloud adoption lifts business security
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Research confirms cloud adoption lifts business security

Jim Mortleman — May 2019
Assuaging earlier concerns about moving key apps and systems into the cloud, new research shows that companies embracing the on-demand services model experience a boost to their overall security.

Far from being a barrier to the adoption of cloud, today’s security challenges are actually accelerating cloud take-up.

In a recent Fujitsu survey undertaken by industry analyst group Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC), 77% of respondents said improved security was either a business critical or highly important reason for adding more cloud solutions to their IT line-up. And 70% said they had already seen improved security as a result of that cloud adoption.

Paradoxically, “cybersecurity is a major driver for greater investment in hybrid IT. This is signifi cant as for many years users cited security as the primary reason for refusing to use hybrid IT solutions,” says PAC’s Simon Abrahams. “This is a shift of thinking and many hybrid IT users now regard cloud solutions as more secure than DIY and see this as a reason to do more IT in hybrid environments, not less.”

However, he also stresses that organizations should not underestimate the challenges
they need to address to overcome in order to attain that improved security: “Experienced users recognize cloud and hybrid security is a complex space.”

Among hybrid IT challenges, security was cited by 89% of survey respondents, although integration and orchestration was identified as the single biggest headache.

 • Download the Fujitsu/PAC report here
First published May 2019
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