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This website uses cookies. For more information on cookies and how they affect your access to this website, please read below.

A cookie is a small piece of code that is sent from our servers to your computer. It does not contain any personal information and is used to improve the functionality of the website and also to anonymously track user visits, to enable us to improve the overall user experience by making improvements to the website. We do not use information based on your location, IP address, internet service provider, company or other identification data. We may, for example, track the overall number of visitors to a specific page, or record where site visitors are coming from and which search terms were used to find us. By using this website, you are accepting the use of these cookies.

On form pages, cookies are used to temporarily store data to enable the process of form submission. These are not used for identification or tracking purposes and no data are stored in the cookies after you close your browser. By submitting a form on a Fujitsu website, you are consenting to allow these temporary cookies to be set. The same applies to the site search, which temporarily uses an anonymous cookie to enable relevant search results to be returned.

The list below shows all of the cookies used on the website and explains their use.

Session Cookies - used to store session data to understand and remember your journey while you use the site.

Google Analytics Cookies - used to track user interaction with the site to give us information which helps us improve our website for a better user experience, identifying which areas are more popular and where user traffic is coming from.

Poll Cookies - cookies used in the poll on the homepage to track which option is selected and then display the result

Linkedin Cookies - used to gather insights into LinkedIn ad campaigns, they give us the ability to measure the impact of LinkedIn advertisements which are used to encourage visitors from LinkedIn to

If you would like more information about cookies or any other issue relating to website privacy, please contact us.

This website uses cookies to improve functionality. Continue to use the site as normal if you're happy with this or click here to find out more about cookies.